A diamond jewelry piece brings joy and happiness to your life with its sparkle and brilliance. It celebrates precious moments for you and your loved ones. But have you ever thought that a diamond could also make someone else life better? ALROSA diamonds are meant to do this very thing.

Our Achievements

Social investments

  • Around 8% of revenue for social and environmental investments annually
  • 500 social and charity initiatives every year
  • Largest taxpayer of Yakutia, main region of presence

Human Resources

  • 2nd in top 50 best Russia's employers according to Forbes
  • 32,500 employees, mostly residents of Yakutia
  • The average salary is three times higher than the average salary in Russia

Environment protection

  • Significant investment in waste management, water intake reduction, and the recycled water systems
  • 95% of water used is recycled
  • 86% of energy — from renewable sources
  • 99% of waste — natural kimberlite
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and other pollutants
  • Energy efficiency projects
  • Rehabilitation of disturbed sites
Рositions in FTSE4Good, MSCI ESG, WWF Russia, Sustainalytics, CDP, ISS ESG
Committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative

Our Goals

Social investments: over RUB 10 bln annually

High share of indigenous peoples employment: at least 11%
Share of women in the total headcount: more than 30%
An annual 10% decrease in LTIFR
100% guarantee of diamonds’ origin

More on our plans in sustainable business development in the Program

Social and environmental

ALROSA pays significant attention to social responsibility directing on average 5% of its revenue to social programs every year. The company’s large-scale task is to make the regions of presence develop, to make residents of single-industry towns always provided with work and decent wages, so that their lives become more comfortable and not much different from life in large cities.

Every year, ALROSA spends over RUB 10 billion for social investments. The company supports infrastructure projects, universities, schools and daycare centers, hospitals, sports and cultural facilities in Yakutia and the Arkhangelsk region, and helps people in distressed situations.

ALROSA strives to preserve the environment and minimize any negative impact. The company’s priorities are sustainable use of mineral resources, reduction of electricity and water consumption, emissions and waste, land reclamation. Every year the company directs about RUB 5-6 billion to environment protection measures. The company is engaged in biodiversity conservation by support the Living Diamonds of Yakutia natural park, stocking Yakutia’s rivers with fish and protecting the wild reindeer population.

You may learn more about our social investment project reading our Impact report 2010—2020

Our projects

An adaptive sports center for children and adults

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Ensuring the availability of daycare

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A specialized center for children with autism spectrum disorder

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Supplies and funding for schools and foster homes

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Renovation of the chess center in Yakutsk

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Support of indigenous peoples of the North

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Building a refuge for the wildlife of the North

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